Friday, September 4, 2009

List your Properties for Free

Well its finally here. We have been hard at work to give our investors every advantage we can. To that end, we have added a section to our website where you can post as many of your properties for sale as you wish.

Go to:

to create your free account. Once you log in you can post as many properties for sale as you like.

Let us know what you think. We encourage your feedback.

Rehab Funding

P.S. We are busy creating a new software suite designed especially for real estate investors. It's been pretty hush hush, but it's almost done.

Think about it, real estate investor software that will automate your business. Not just the easy stuff either. We're talking front to back automation designed by veteran hard money lenders and real estate investors. You'll always know what needs to be done now, what is scheduled for completion, and all the steps forms and events that all happen throughout your busy day. Every step, automated.

We are looking for experienced real estate investors to help us fine tune the last details of the product. For you assistance we will give you free lifetime access to the software all future enhancements and add-ons. We want your feedback to make this the only system you will ever need.

Contact: David Cline at

Please include a brief discription of your background and specific area of expertise.

Please understand that we can only select a very small number of the people who apply to this. we will offer a substantially discounted price to everyone who applies, at the release of the final product.